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2010-2011 Citrus List
Fruit November December January February March
Naval Oranges
$23 4/5 bushel
$13 2/5 bushel
Pink Grapefruit
X X      
Fall Tangerines
X X      
Honey Tangerines
    X X X
Honeybell Tangelos
Hamlin Oranges
Orlando Tangelos
Triple Charmer
12 apples/12 GF/12 Navel, $23
Citrus Trio
12 GF/12 Navel/12 Tangerines, $23
  X X    
Pineapple Oranges
Red Grapefruit
  X X X X
Red Navels
      X X
Call in deadlines and pickup dates:
Call in order by Noon on Nov. 8th
Pickup order Nov. 17th, 4 – 6 PM, 18th 12-3 PM, 20th 12-2 PM
Call in order by Noon on Dec. 6th
Pickup order Dec. 15th, 4-6 PM, 16th 12-3 PM, 18th 12-2 PM
Call in order by Noon on Jan. 3th
Pickup order Jan. 12, 4-6 PM, 13th 12-3 PM, 15th 12-2 PM
Call in order by Noon on Jan. 29th
Pickup order Feb.  9th, 4-6 PM, 10th 12-3 PM, 12th 12-2 PM
Call in order by Noon on Feb. 28th
Pickup order March 8th, 4-6 PM, 9th, 12-3 PM, 11th 12-2 PM
Please Note: Fruit availability may change due to shortages or damaged crops.  Please call or e-mail for an update on the latest availability. 
It’s that time of year again, fruit season.  We look forward to selling you fruit this year.  We’ve been doing this for so long that we feel you’re no longer customers but also our friends.  Because of this I feel it’s important that I point out we’ve raised our prices $1 a box over last years prices.  It’s my goal to keep prices low, especially with the economy the way it is.  Sadly the economy has hit our suppliers as well and they’ve raised the prices we pay for fruit.  I feel that even though we’ve raised our prices we still offer an excellent value compared to the prices others are charging for fruit.  I’m also asking for you to tell your friends about us.  As the years go on and friends move away we have fewer and fewer customers.  If you enjoy our friend please tell your neighbors!  We’ve been selling fruit in Athens for more than 20 years, and your satisfaction is our number one goal.  If you’re not satisfied with your fruit please call me within 48 hours and we’ll get you a full refund.
This year the profits from the fruit sales will once again benefit the youth of our local Pathfinder Club.  For more information on Pathfinders visit our website at http://www.athensgasda.org/article.php?id=25 or visit www.athensgasda.org  click under ministries, then click on Pathfinders.
If for some reason you need to schedule an alternate pick-up time let us know and we’ll work something out.  Please also note that we have added a Sunday pick-up time. 
E-mail your order.  You may send your order to AthensFruit@gmail.com  Within 24 hours of your order you will receive a confirmation of your order.  We promise never to sell your e-mail address or to send you unwanted e-mails. 
If you have any problems you may call me directly at 706-224-9749.  This is my personal phone so while I may not answer I will do my best to return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in November.
-Scott Anderson